ITV4 now.. if you can

Isle o Man TT SUperstock race… awesome!

great coverage all week long

cheers m8, missed it on hd but got the +1 on now.

JM yesterday post race said you can walk into a shop, spend 10,000 on a bike and do almost 130mph round the mountain. Just how stock is stock these days?

Its the peak of the technology, there is very little that can be done to improve these significantly bikes further as the space limitations and the piston fuel format has been developed to its peak really… next step ELECTRIC… I SO WANT ONE… 150mph but silent! The perfect assassins tool…not that I am even capable of killing my own lunch let alone topping foreign folk on behalf of Her Maj and the aristos /corporate goons who like the way the world is thank you very much but PHEW…150 OFF Batteries!!!

By the way, I just wanted to point out to the Enviro Monkeys who think switching to electric vehicles will be “better for the environment” than fuel one’s…have you lot stopped to ask yourself how that electricity is gonna be produced? Its either more FUEL BURNING power stations… or yes, your worst hippy fears NUCLEAR!!!

Dan Dan DAAAAAA!!!