its time to reveal.....

you little git - you kept that quiet!!

Nice one hun - I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

i did the deal a while ago, just wanted to finalise a few things before i made any announcements…, im ordering the fold down ladder for it now

I am glad you have come out - been having a job keeping my mouth shut

Looks lovely

It looks a bit Gay to me…

This is one we saw in the Isle of Man - a future paint job maybe


OMG mate…That’s horrific…Feel for the owner

Great bike Westie mate…Hope to see out and about on the new wheels soon.

nice one West… thumbs up


ps… all these name changes (you, banditman) are getting me confused…

eww1 that paint scheme is gross!, yuk, Lucifer orange is well sexy, and Taffy has those ickle stripes on her tank too!

Shut it flats, if its A Gay bike then the cap fits!!!

thanks Afro, can i have some of your height pweese?

yeah, but can I?

well your a bucksome laddie, im sure i can let ya have a go…

I meant that varadero is the same type of bike.

its called a big trailie…

<3 Westie.

You’re just jealous

hehe it`ll eat his r1 for brekkie, well atleast trample all over it, hehe

What happened to the “hands down, bum up” (Elad’s line I believe) plan? Couldn’t be more different.

Great bikes by the way, you’ll love it and you’ll be able to see where you’re going.

i know, well me thinks i will have a better view of arse perched up on my tiger…, thanks john… im looking forward to it, triimphs are expensive, i didnt think id ever be able to grab one, but just goes to show there are some bargains out there…

Mr Tiger!! lol

Love the bike matey!! … You’ll have loads of fun on that!

Found a new outfit to match…

oh shut it gazza, hehe i really dont do tiger stipes…,

Not even these??