its time to reveal.....

My new toy!, ive been thinking about changing for a while, the sportsbike was a mistake me thinks, considering i do a few miles i like summit comfy and upright, and powerful without being daft. So here she is, i got an absolute bargain, 2002 model Tiger 955i in Lucifer orange (my fave) with 2 owners from new, Triumph uk etc.

Bought at Destination Triumph in Washington, West Sussex, the guys there are absolutley cracking, its a new Dealership that opened in March, very nice location, great staff, and they gave me a fantastic price on the tiger, including a great price for my fazer px. Low cost for me to change also which is the only reason for the deal.

So without further a do i present my new Stead: Miss Taffy Tiger

I hope to collect her at the weekend…

im ordering the foldup step ladder now…



Very Shexy

why shankyou!!! hehe

Nice bike! Did you take all the extras off before trading the fazer in?

some, but not all

It’s like a Varadero to me. Just the engine is bigger. Nice ride. I hope you will be happy on it. In my opinion your Fazer looks much better…

Well done mate! It’s a great bike and is ideal for travel and buzzing around town!

Great colour choice too!

if you said that round my area it means you were going to stabb sum1

i didn`t think you were the stabbing kind m8

anyway nice bike.

its a bit talller than ur fazer u gona be alrite getting ur leg over hehehehe

yes well i aint!

thankyou macp, cant wait!! perfect for when i get the luggage…

those triples sound so sexy…

I hear he’s used to getting his leg over all sorts of rides…

i can`t wait to see c you on it m8.

u gona pack a step ladder on it 2 climb on an off

only kidding fella

nice bike

u gona take it off road get messy an mukky… its wat it was built 4

wat mods do we have planned anything tasty

Lovely bike hun, i can see you ROARING about on it …

well she is a monster!, i can reach the floor ok, shes weighty, but putting her on side stand is easier, i have to push her upright first before i climb aboard, its gonna take a while to get used to…

well pavel the varadero is pig ugly dont look nowt like the tiger…

Easy Tiger!! Someone had to say it

Looks Grrrreat!!

ha ha ha!!! it`ll bring out the tiger in me!!!

Can I borrow it?

i havent even got it yet!

More like the “TIGGER” … bouncy bouncy bouncy

im not sure Triumph Tigger has the same effect?