It's the shortest day today! Spring is just round the corner!

It’s winter solstice today so the shortest darkest day and the official start of winter :ermm:… but hey the days get longer from now on so it will soon be spring again :)… ah that early spring sunshine and then those long, long summer days… wonderful aye… I always feel spring has arrived when the frogs return to my pond :rolleyes:

So what signifies the arrival of spring to you?

As mentioned in a previous thread I go with the druids and had my solstaceing done already .

Here , Spring for me is when the cocoons that have been stored “here” in suburban garages all winter start to catch the first hint of heat and begin emerging. Till one sunny sunday … A mirical of nature … Out pops dry weather bikers … many different species the brightly coloured power rangers to the dark avenger with is chrome sexual display preened in the hope of attracting a mate … And “here” on the A4 we can see a relativley recent addition to this country … The “supermoto” recognisable away from the bike by the distinctive boots and beaked helmet .

Thank God for that. I’m having severe withdrawl symptoms. Haven’t hit the readline in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th while clutchless shifting and trying to leave everyone behind for months. I have been preparing in the gym so that I can still fit into my power ranger outfit in the spring though.

I’ve got me power commander and valve job sorted for another pop at that race next year! I’ll also be a few kilos lighter hopefully, so my Pedrosa skills should be in full effect!

So am I. Opium withdrawal :Wow:

Haha, when I wrote “everyone” I was going to write Alex Gold but didn’t want to insinuate that either of us partake in motorcycle “sport.” Anyway now that that is clear, this year we can go on three beeps of the horn like the yanks do apparently. I don’t have a power commander but I think my bike will be finally run in this year and my speed hump is good for a extra mph. Game on.

What signifies the arrival of Spring?

When the thermal underwear goes back in the drawer
When you suddenly feel the need for some new tyres to exploit all the grip
When every ride becomes a ride again
Oh and some flowers come out…

Frogs in the pond for me too!

Been buying some bits for the bike over the last few months to put on in Feb, soon as the gritters go home for the year I am out! :slight_smile:


Is that a statement of fact or a request? :smiley:

When the tits are checking out the box, it’s Spring. :slight_smile: And yes, Mumbles, Spring smells:D

women wearing skimpy clothing, mind you here in Kingston they were the same trashy clothing all year round every night.

i love the arrival of spring, usually for me its when the days just seem to smell different and they nights are longer. :slight_smile:


It’s not spring until my tortoise wakes up.

Going to be a bugger if she croaks. I’ll be doomed to an eternal winter.

We are always very relieved to hear of her arousal from hibernation. We miss her picture too. :kiss:

i thought 21st Dec was the shortest day?

It’s not always the 21st… it varies between 22nd and 21st


Speechless for once, eh? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: