It's the milk

Tried Putoline, Tech Chain Spray this weekend. Wow, what a difference from a chain wax, on the smoothness of the transmission.

Highly recommended.



Does it splash all over once applied?

I cannot remember how much I paid for it.

Applied it in the paddock stand with the bike in first, no fling. It does make your chain look as though it’s been dipped in milk though

Ive never used wax…do you then reapply or clean it off first?

Around every few hundred miles (at least once a week in my case), when I return home from a ride, I’ll pop the bike onto the paddock stand. Soak a cloth in paraffin, and run the chain through (engine off), a few times, adding more paraffin as required to clean the chain. I like paraffin as it does a good job, is more flexible, and is cheaper than cans of chain cleaner. A few litres of paraffin costs a few quid and lasts for ages.

I’ll then start up the bike, slip into first and apply the wax, being careful not get too close. Inside of the chain, under the swing arm, and a light wax to the three remaining sides. Give it some gas to fling off any excess, turn off the motor and have a little clean of any fling if it is required. Takes about 5-10 minutes tops.

I normally rely on my scottoiler, but need to sort out the application nozzle.

You could, but in effect you are lubricating the grit and grime.

I use something similar from HG - turns white and stays on the chain :slight_smile:

But I’m always open to try new things

You must mean this stuff -

that’s what i use and so far it’s the best to avoid it flinging off once applied.

Hmmm that’s not the one I meant… I just bought that and am using it at the moment but was not that impressed. This other thing really was visible on the chain and almost formed a crust like surface

It might have been from Wurth but can’t seem to find it…