It's THAT time of year again....

Spring in Kansas brings both the good weather (many gorgeous sunny days) and the threatening violent weather…like this.





That looks seriously moody

Thats nasty stuff!

Are the aliens coming Greg? Cool pics…

It’s hard to convey in words or pictures how ominous and threatening the storms are here in the Spring…a tornado narrowly missed my house (by less than a mile) two years ago…I have the pictures on my PC at home…I’ll post them later. (Yes, I stood out on my deck taking pictures rather than running for my life. LOL)

id love to see a real tornada USA style id like to go on a storm chase with those nutcases

Wow! You’ll have to be careful out there, Greg, otherwise you’ll end up in the land of Oz!

impresive looking storms greg, you sure have some very serious weather over there, looking forward to seeing the pics of the Tornado.

You stood on your porch and see one of those things coming for ya… wow… you should be a cameraman.

Oooooh, dramatic.

I forgot that these pictures were still online on my old web-site…I didn’t even have to chase this storm…it went almost directly over my house. Baseball sized hail, lightning strikes directly in my neighborhood…and a tornado a mile away…I am a hopelessly addicted thrill junkie but this was pushing the outer limits of my tolerance to be “thrilled.” LOL










a couple more…



that is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

I agree that bwould be so cool, I really love a good thunder storm.

they are cooooool pics Greg! Maybe Paivi should do some “how to stay shiny side up in the wind” over there!

My worst nightmare is to be on my bike way out in the middle of the Flint Hills and have a storm like that blow up. I’d use whatever velocity was necessary to stay ahead of it and get home. LOL

The wind blows so hard from the south here sometimes that Paivi could probably ride her Vespa from Wichita to Salina with the motor off…just blown along by the wind.

Thats nuts, I agree with Flatout would be good to chase a tornado although would pose a huge danger! I have an English mate that moved to Kansas a few years back and he said that the storms are so violent its unexplainable compared to the British storm, but it is exciting to watch. I don’t think I could permenantly live somewhere like that though