A member from got followed home after Chelsea bridge on Friday night. Be careful and keep your eyes peeled!!!

"After my showboating on Friday night at the bridge I noticed a Dark (Blue/poss black) ZX6-9R (I think it was a nine) with one rider wearing a dark (poss Silver/Dull) Arai RX7 Helmet and leather jacket follow me home.

NOW this maybe a complete coincidence or I was being followed. My route was through Westminster and down the A2. I lost the bike at speed through the Limehouse Diversion and did not see it for a while.

I carried on through blackwall and on to the A2 where I brought my speed down to about 40 ish and I noticed a bike coming up on me fast (well over a ton), He seemed to shed allot of speed and hang well back from me (Which was strange).

I got off at Sidcup and went through about 3 miles of Resi streets and was still aware of him being there. It was only when I turned down my street and stopped at the end of the road (miles from my house) he shot past my junction and u-turned back past at a very slow speed.

Can any one ID this rider from the bridge to put my mind at rest."

Please everyone be vigilent

This really isn’t good. What kind of bike was this person riding? as they might be stealing to order so then we know what they might be targeting?

Bloody hell. It’s not on when you have to watch over your shoulder all the time. Whenever any biker is behind me I get nervous and ready to try and lose him if I have too. Scary stuff.

You’ve got nowt to worry about, that paint job is enough to put anyone off.

You know after much thought and deliberation I’m of the conclusion that this is probably what happened to me, only I never saw the b******ds.

My bike has been kept safely for over 2 years, then within a couple of months of me hanging round the Ace - 1st someone nicks my engine mounting, then, after paying 25 quid for a new one, within a fortnight my bike goes walkies during the night.

Thinking about it, it’d be easy enough to follow someone from a distance without them noticing, so like’s already been said watch your tails.

One more thing. These scum can read this site any time they like aswell. Worth considering I think!!

One thing that makes me feel better in this is knowing that they will eventually get whats coming to them.

Sooner the better!!!

There is always someone who wants to ruin your fun or have what you have worked for without paying for it. The key sounds like to stop before you get home at ‘your house’. Ground anchor time for the garage. Anyone recommended to fit it?

Yes, Yourself! it’s easy mate, all you need is a power drill! here are some good anchors for you!

Cheers i assumed they need concreting in… Going to get onto that right now dont want my bike going wandering!

so they followed all the way from the ace right out east and across the river? all the other ones had been relatively local to the ace or situated in west london hadnt they? dont like that much, i’m always riding off on me loadsome in the early hours cos no one i know up the ace lives east london… doubt they’d want my baby tho, knees would drag on the floor! least i hope not

Yes, I agree, but I would advocate somewhere obviously public, somewhere like a petrol station or something. I’ve heard of these gangs attacking people at traffic lights etc. and they did me over on the driveway of a private house. If you just stop where no-one’s around they might just do you there and then.

As Shaggy once said: “Zoiks”!!! Did they nick your bike?

Pixie … if me or Ras are there, tag us to ride with you. We both live around Old St, so we could ride with you at least some of the way!

cool thank you suga that’ll be appreciated.

I’m getting paranoyed!

I was on my way home through Brixton, Herne Hill, Dulwich and there was this CB Hornet following me for a long time, since Aldwich… Every time I stopped at a traffic lights , there was the guy, behind! There was space for 3 bikes after the queue of cars but the guy was always behind me! I thought … ‘Hummm, is this guy following me?’ …

But then came to my mind ‘WHY?’ I’m on my scooter for gods sake! So I did slow down up to the absurd of 15 miles per hour, the guy still there! I had no doubt !!! Crossed my scooter in front of him at a traffic lights and dismounted, went in his direction and asked ‘Have you lost anything here mate???’ on a shouting voice!

The guy looked at me very scared and said ‘what? Sorry! I’m lost and I was trying to read my map, I wasn’t expecting it to get dark this early!’

I didn’t know where to put my face… Said ‘sorry’ and went home! Gave the guy the Londonbikers address and asked him to get online! I didn’t ask you name mate but if you come here? Sorry again ok?

That’s you guys fault! I will have nightmares now!

He’d pulled! Next time stop and approach him, some folk are dead shy ya know!

I think we need to catch a few out rig a nice bike and jump on them when they try and march them down the police station maybe

think you might be right Jason, old bill seem to be too busy elsewhere to attend to the crimewave

Summer 2003 I caught the scum who had had it away with my motard from outside a “open all hours” shop. (Thank god for kick start only singles!)

I delivered him into the hands of the plod. 2 days off work later (he didn’t show for the first court date) the Magistrate gave him a £500 fine.

I’m afraid if you want to see Justice done, you’ll have to issue it yourself. If there was a next time, I’d not hesitate.

****e. This is all so ****ing bollox.