There will be no lamb in this village;):smiley:

Mutton? :smiley:

Hell yeah!!! Count me in :D, Might even bring the missus wif! Erm,… where the tents going up?

Nice one tp!!!

Theres a 2 acre garden in which we have permission to pitch up to 20 tents (4 man max)

Lets make it a good’un;):smiley:

awesome, might have to be good tho as she’s workin monday n im not hehe… my sis lives nearby in sunny hertford.

You know you wanna;)

Tickets are available from Ginger and AndyP as well now

Count me in, i think the sun will be out then so lets have a good one

count me in i would like to be there:cool:

Myself and the Captain will be there - not sure whether 2 wheels or 4, depends if I can ‘encourage him’ NOT to drink :wink:

I’m still in Spain… boo hoo…

I’ll be there after bulldog bash

Why worry about cheap, wouldn’t TASTY be more important, eh kev?

tescos mate

Is this £10 eat as much as you like/can or is the entry fee £10 and then a cost per burger/saussage ? Is there sweet food too ? I guess drinks are extra ?

The tenner is for the food and the band and other fun events.

Drinks and Charity Raffle Tickets will cost extra as will a small fee for camping facilities(tbc)

speaking of camping…i won’t be able to stay over night now as two of my staff are leaving so i’ll have to be back at work on monday:ermm:

I will take you off the camp list then;):smiley:

Can you be a bit more specific ? You know I like my food, just don’t want any surprises, if I have to buy more then I’d rather know now so I can start saving ;):stuck_out_tongue:

This is how it’s been costed Steve. "It will be two sausages, a burger and two pieces of chicken for an adult and for an under 15 it will be one sausage, same size burger and one piece of chicken. The salad stuff etc will be freely available off the table."I think that is pretty good value don’t you?

If they are the usual size then yep, not bad :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Better to be upfront about these things rather than disapointed :wink: