It's offical

Ros Brawn has managed to get honda so they will be competing this year.

I’m well happy for them as I so want to see how they fair up this season due to the work put in, just got to hope now that they have enough time to test the car fully.

This is good news for the sport.

I also heard that Kawasaki may be back in MotoGP, something to do with Dorna sueing them for breach of contract they signed stating they will compete till 2012. We shall see i suppose.

Yup they are running 1 bike (Marco Melandri) I believe due to the threat of legal action from Dorna.

yer I thought I saw some where they were fielding 1 bike

So what news on Hopper then?

Kind of …

Ross Brawn taking over the team (good thing :slight_smile: could be promissing), but the car has a Merc engine, so not much Honda left in the team :frowning: