It's not the size that matters...

…it’s the fact you were a total knob jockey, who had the audacity to stop and complain TWICE at the lights, when you were at fault x2.

F@ckwit on a scooter with openface, shorts and sandals, with cool sunglasses, got a little upset when Lusty and I turned past him at a set of traffic lights this morning.

His complaint:
‘Because you are on ‘bigger’ bikes, you think it’s a race everywhere.’

My answer:
‘If you’re going to sit at the lights, in a cycle box and NOT indicate to turn right - I, and everyone else behind you assumes that you’ll be going straight, now f@ck off!’

Then when he caught up at the next lights and tried to moan, I told him what I thought of his lame argument. To which he sped off undertaking everyone.

lol, I let him go, riding like that has a one-way ticket, and with what he was wearing, made me smile even more!


I KNEW you swung both ways!! :w00t:

I’m amazed he was able to continue talking once you had removed your protective glove from his mouth and kicked him with your protective boots on;)

Personally i would have pushed the twat over:P

lmao - you DO mean straight and bi women?

gotta keep your options open these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww you’re FAR too good at diplomacy to have considered that in RL :smiley:

Great response :w00t:

All ‘straight’ men are lesbians… (I’m still not convinced you’re totally straight though) :smiley:

lol, it did play over in my mind, but I’m far too nice :wink:

Besides, this was Lusty’s fight - which I butted in on! lol

It’s times like that when you wished for the Tuono and those lovely sounding Akro’s not the pastel blue bandit with a straw for an exhaust:P

I’ll have you know that Alex was all man this morning, blue bike and all :wink:
The Italian wimp on the Scoot didn’t stand a chance.

Yeah, would have loved to blip it in his face - and prove him right… :hehe:

Btw, should be getting it back in a couple of days! :smiley:

Contrary to what you guys have been told, size does matter :smiley:

Glad you let him have it… :slight_smile:

There is a question in a Biology exam paper that asks

“In nature, does size matter” :smiley:

I always wondered if they got different answers depending on if it was a man or woman answering

At the risk of turning this into a general rant thread…

Bloody idiot on a Pan this morning didn’t like the fact that I was a little bit quicker and thinking ahead. Took his line a few times when I was:

a) ahead

b) consistantly quicker

c) significantly better looking (was on my Monster)

Apologies if it was someone on here, but FFS, if someone is ahead of you, don’t expect them to move over, unless you’re the Queen.

Not me i don’t ride a Pan, but if you were in front of me and holding me up you would soon know about it;)

Oo-er! :w00t:

Believe me, I wasn’t holding anyone up! I think he wanted to be the daddy on the road and that pesky Ducati (and we all know Ducati riders aren’t real riders, like Pan riders, right?) kept overtaking.

I had a cyclist overtake another than have a go at me for getting too close to her…she moved into me and if I didn’t change my course of direction, I would of hit her.

I was hot and sweaty, told her to blow me:)

Scooter riders **** me off.