It's Not Right

I dropped my bike off to Southern Cross today so they can find out what the heck is wrong with it and now I’m bikeless on a Friday night and possibly the entire weekend - it’s just wrong :frowning: What on earth am I going to do with myself on a sunny weekend with no bike - actually, what did I used to do before I started riding?? :ermm:

Anybody got a spare bike for a careful lady rider :Whistling:

Whats happened to the bike?

The battery isn’t receiving any charge from the bike so it’s always too flat to start it!

pop up the road and get arnies c90. sure he does good weekend rates:hehe:

raceways in shepherds bush do weekend rentals (sports bikes!)

got a trekker 100 thats not in use, needs rollers and back wheel putting on tho:w00t:


You can borrow my ZX6R if you want… front brake is a bit dodge though, but everything else is fine…

Addictive isn’t it?
I have to go to a concert tonight but I’d rather pop down the Aces :w00t:
Was already thinking about going there on the bike but they may not let me get in wearing full leathers :smiley:

Surrey at home to Essex on Sunday.

There must be a spare pillion going to Brands for BSB this weekend:cool:

Get yerself down there;)

why do you know one:D

yeah will be there, weather forecast looks gooooood! :smiley:

Yep… You tug :laugh: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh, that’s too good for you, is ET on your computer :stuck_out_tongue:

no …i am at work:)

I got a GSXR 11 you can use for the whole weekend :slight_smile:

You just got to come round and put it back together :smiley:

I think Frogga could find you a few things to do over the weekend if you get really bored :Whistling:

LOL Oh yeah, he did mention a few Wednesday night at CBridge didn’t he :D:D:D:D

SSSSSShhhhhh Ang or this will have to go in the Adult section :smiley:

Aww and you can’t have access there cos you’re not mature enough huh? ;):stuck_out_tongue: