It's newbie night time again tongiht :) - Mon 2nd December

So all you newbies…and oldies :slight_smile: Get yourself up the Ace later, don’t be shy, come and say hello to the LB bunch, we usually sit right down the end in front of the stage, if you are unsure ask someone behind the bar, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

I’ll be there by by about 6, maybe earlier.

A Note to all newbies

We are not going to be waiting outside with a red carpet to meet you will have to come and find us. Normally seated by the stage area. :slight_smile:
We may also be in a group already talking to people we know this is not because it is a clique this is just what we do talk to people we know, don’t be shy butt in and introduce yourself so we know who you are. :slight_smile:
Remember you only get out what you put in, it’s no good sticking your head in the door and because no one acknowledges you going home and moaning about the lack of friendliness by existing members towards you.
We are more than happy to give help and advice with anything bike related you only have to ask. :slight_smile:

Would love to come but have my hands full at present :smiley:

not this time i’m afraid. Maxy’s busy too. :smiley:

Should be able to pop along tonight. Has been a while since I last made it along, so be good to catch up with you all.

No excuse, little baby Ben is technically a newbie so his attendance is required and I want a cuddle! :slight_smile: Bit of duct tape and he’d be safe and sound on the back of the duke…no? haha

Yeah what he said, we don’t bite, variety is the spice of life so mingle and get to know everyone :slight_smile:

Well i have been looking at a top box mount for the car seat !

What could possibly go wrong…?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ‘Kin’ hell! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Will have to look up the offence code for that one :smiley:

That could be an option but maybe he has a little bit more growing to do, he’s only a few weeks old haha so my option of duct tape is defo the better one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there, see you all later, around 7pm. :slight_smile:

Despite the lack of actual newbies (AndyP and Chris don’t count lol) it was a good “newbie” night.

Very poor turnout, it’s not that cold out yet… I’m still using my summer gloves!

That’s because you is well ard or can’t afford a pair of winter gloves :smiley:

If you had stayed a bit longer Sean there were another 5 who turned up. So tonight Newbie Night saw 18 LBers there.

Not bad for a cold December evening. :smiley:

Was night to meet a few new faces and see the old ones too. Sorry did not get round to chat to you all.

Nice to meet up last night for a chat and to meet some more people, shame I had to leave early. Hopefully a few more newbies will turn up next time? Blade, Arfa and I were the only ones, not even sure we still qualify as newbies one year down the line…:Whistling:

Having just stumbled over this forum and being new to biking I suppose I am the definition of a newbie! Alas I missed this one, but I’ll keep an eye out for the next one… although am I worthy turning up on a YBR-125 with ‘L’ plates? Despite doing a 4 hr/day commute, I’m not sure I qualify as a true “biker” do I?