Its my birthday today

Weeeeeee I have made it to 26 I dont know how but I have just a bit of usless info just incase you fancy buying me a bday prez


Happy birthday!

happy birthday and have a good one

Happy birthday mate! Hope you had a lovely xmas and new year!

Happy birthday, Jason!!!

Happy Birthday mate. Have a good’n

Happy birthday mate, have a good one…



Can I really have your k5

Blimey - there seems to be a lot of Birthdays on LB at this time of the year - the worst time of year for a birthday in my experience, everyone’s party’d out!! I should know, mines just after xmas aswell.

26 eh - yoo old git LOl

Happy Birthday

PS aint got a present but you can make us a cup of tea if you want!!

Happy Birthday mate have a good one

Happy Birthday m8 p.s. Welcome back Cezar havent see ya for awhile

Happy Birthday Jason, what your fav birthday tune then?

Happy birthday! 26, oh some of us can wish!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday fella! Hope Melly bought you some slippers and a pipe.

Have a good one m8… well whats left of it anyway.