It's left the factory

…and more importantly I can take advantage of the fixed rate insurance. :smiley:

Last week I phoned up to get the insurance process started only to find out a CD10 was going to exempt me from the very tasty fixed rate price. I was absolutely gutted, quotes were coming out at around £1400 and was throwing up the possibility I might not be able to afford it :angry:

So after spending a couple of days getting more and more depressed doing online quotes, I called Vines and spoke to Bryan in the finance dept. he said he’d call his contact and see what he could do. Well Bryan is my new best friend forever cause he called me earlier today and said it was all sorted at the fixed rate and gave me an online quote number.

So, I’m a very happy chappy, and barring any other disaster in about 10 days I’ll be picking up my beast :w00t:


Nice one Jo!



I`ll have to say NIce one like everyone else.

Scuse my ignorance but what is a CD10???

Driving without Due Care and Attention, in my case - driving like a bit of a nob, right in front of a copper :Whistling:

Details here

And a follow up