It's lashing down ooop north.

Just so you all know, it’s been wet and 10 degrees up near Halifax.

No fun.

No riding.

Enjoy the south.

hope to ride Snake Pass with wobbly newbie brother and mighty 955 Trumpet.

Gonna be fun then I hope

(Oh, been to cinema - seen Kiera Knightley’s norks so not a complete loss then…)

What is NORKS?

Hi Mate its been lovely biking weather down here HAHA but i would still love to be up there at Glencoe, Urquhart Castle and fort william etc and the highist (is it pub) in great britain etc but me the lake district is still the most beautiful place to me

And tomorrow is going to be even better!

Now where to go on me Sunday blat…

Well atleast you’ll get to ride tomorrow… I have to go see the gran parents :expressionless:

one more time - what are “norks”??? noone knows that I asked!!..

I don’t trust the forecoast anyway… Tomorrow morning we will see …

Andrew youre just being a big jessie it always rains oop north! …you are starting to sound like one of us ’ southern poofs! ’ LB works in mysterious ways

What a lully morning for a blat!

Just got back and now it’s time to watch the GP on Sky+

“Big Southern Jessie” !! How dare you!! ? LOL

Been out in the rain! and had a nice 100miles, but no Snake Pass as visibility a problem.

Rottie - you mad man - does ‘Norks’ not translate into Polish! What other physical features might Kiera Knightley possess that would interest me so much hmm? Here’s a clue - CNN Tower.

I thought so, i know your interests
Look what I’ve found, will never be confused again!

HedgehogV.good i’m saving that one, Andrew whether you like it or not, your becoming a Londoner. were not so bad after all…