It's just a thought at the moment! :smooooth:

Hey all,Ive just had a flash in the pan idea from a conversation with Hels. Who would be interested in doing a motocross track experience/trainning day?. As if we get the right amount of people we could hire out the track as a group and have exclusive use of it for the day.

Theres a couple of these experience/trainning days ive been looking at: (not too sure whether they do bike hire though) (which looks the better option as they do bike hire)

Any suggestions more than welcome :wink:

Have just been having a chat with Sir Yam about this - and we both reckoned the Golding Barn track is AWESOME!!! The Bees knees. Perfect for learning the art of Off Roading and gave me the best high have ever had on a bike, you go from being an off road beginner to hooning down dead man’s hill and doing jumps at the end.

Pity am going away in Sept :frowning: but just to say - this track ROCKS!!

Im up for this too! :slight_smile: please pick a weekend when Im not busy!? :slight_smile:



I’m doing one this weekend. Soooo excited! If I like it, I could be keen to take part on another one with you guys

I did a 2 day one with KTM and it was brilliant - will be up for another one - but I’m away in September :frowning:

up for this:)

i think the barn do hire cause i was looking at them before with another company that goes there and rents it out. can i suggest you give them a bell with numbers and see what they say!? :hehe:

purlease!? :slight_smile:

I just realised I know the bloke at Track Sense cause we do a lot of work for him…let me have a word for us :hehe:

I’d love to have a go off roading :smiley:

Ness and I would be interested in the offroad school.

I dont think Goldings Barn do bike hire direct, but Yamaha run their off road experience there.

Try this link

Depending on the day, I could be up for this too :slight_smile:

Golding Barn hire the track and you can bring your own bikes, but the Yamaha Off Road experience also use this track and have bike hire for their day. That is the one I did.

It was one of the most fantastic experiences ever!!

I’d be up for it.

I enquired about the Yamie school only a couple of weeks ago as I was thinking of organising it for a couple of friends. The problem is that they only had 1 weekend day up till the end of September that they still had places available. They did say they would do day specifically for a group, but you’d have to be 15 people and even for that there was only limited availability in terms of dates.

Im up for it as long as its after mid september - be good if you could use the range of bikes ie: 125, 250 & 400’s etc - always wanted to have a go on a 2 stroke crosser! :slight_smile:

Im gonna have a chat with him soon :slight_smile:

I’d be up for that depending on date

Yeah the Yamaha School have MX, 2 strokes, WR 250s / 450s etc, so there is a range for all riders.

Pity am off in a month and won’t be joining you, but you will love it and I will look forward to seeing the pics up online!

I’m up for it if it’s not between 7-16 Sept.

Hi All, Ive been talking with some guys at a meet yesterday and they also suggested Ady Smith as a possible day out off road.

may be worth checking to see if these dates suit people better.

also the KTMs look good