It's here...

The new version of LB, that is. We’ve been working flat-out over the last few months to bring you this. Most noticable is the new appearance, which incorporates our new logo which you guys helped design, and most importantly, the new LB Directory .

The Directory is our attempt to making it easy as pie to find anything to do with biking in the UK. You can easily search and find things by searching for the name, or subject, i.e “rac” or “breakdown” both show results for the common orange-van company.

To make this the best UK biking Directory, we need YOUR help. We need to you start sniffing out the best of the biking world, and submit directory items to us. You can do this by first seeing if the item is in the Directory by searching for it, then if it’s not there, find the category you feel it best belongs in, and hit the ‘submit item’ link at the top-left of the page. Enter all the details you can, the more the better.

Items with a postcode will show an interactive map, allowing you to see exactly where the item is located in the kingdom, letting you zoom in and out, drag the map around, do whatever you want with it, as well as view satellite photos of the area (if available, if not, try zooming out first).

Other changes to the site include making it easier for new members to register, and also to give them a reason to register, by restricting all images posted in the forums to registered members. We know there’s a whole load more people reading LB than there are registered members, we want to improve this.

We’ve also made it easier to see what new content is on the site, as we’ve observed that many members just visit the forums, and LB is far more than just a forum site, we publish the latest news, articles and galleries, so you can now see the latest items at the top of the page. The new tabbed-navigation should also make it easier to get around the site and explore, if you’ve not already.

For the technical members, we’ve added a series of RSS feeds which will allow you to keep up to date with the latest news, articles, galleries and directory items. Mozilla Firefox users will see the orange RSS icon in their address bar, which they can subscribe to.

Other improvements have been made, but too numerous to mention here. Enjoy the site, guys and girls, and have a fabulous Christmas and New Year! Let me know of any problems you may encounter.

Oooooh looks good and I haven’t broken it yet!!

Nice one Jay and thanks for the hard work on our behalf. Have a great Xmas you two.

Lovin’ your work Billy Jay

I hate this green stripe on top of the website!!! I have a default windows xp colour scheme, which is blueish, the rest of the website is in other shades of blue, and then suddenly, no match for anything - GREEN STRIPE .Why???

But the rest is very good!!! Well done Jay!

Looking good Jay, well done mate, we all apreciate your effort, have a great christmas



Great effort,

Only problem if you try to alter the parimeters of a search of a thread beyong those displayed by browser says internal server error.

Looking good any way.

Nice one Jay

Have been away in Scotland, well on an Island off Scotland and hadn’t seen the new version of the site until today. Totally awesome. Great improvements. Well done team.

Sites looking good but that logo is so gay, sorry.

Wont get me wearing a t-shirt with that on it.

Love the site cheers for the hard work mate! How much are the t shirts?


Looks good Jay, I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this site.


Well done Jay (& the gang).

Sorry I didn’t had time to help on the beta site.