Its here and fitted

should be able to record it on your phone…or vudeo it on the phone.

mate…i bet she sounds 'kin ace now!!

yeah tail tidy is on its way but i need the pegs for the lady

I will do it tomorrow its sounds good idling needs more when going i think need someone to tell me how it sounds while i am going along will be better when the cat is gone

if you dont mind me asking :wink:

how much and where did you get it from?

looks good, looks daft with the RHS pillion peg, get a K7 one it will directly fit. Oh yeah and get them powdercoated.

love the wheels on the wheelie bin, awesome,

the exhaust is pretty good too,;):slight_smile:

£300 from the store but beware of the inport tax @ £74

thanks wiggle i shall look into it:)

Looks the dogs , wiggle