Its here and fitted

Have a look what do you think look good?

With Guard Dog

one more cause i can

I really like that. Makes a really nice bike even better!

Any chance of borrowing your fold up chairs for Chrismas Day? Got 8 for lunch and 6 chairs:D

Loving the patio well finished off:D

Sweet looking can but does she sound good:)

very nice!

Thats a very nice looking bike and that finishes it of nicely mate :slight_smile:

Does the dog looked pi$$ed of because it’s just realised you’re not taking a pic of it and it’s actually in the way of the bike?!? :smiley:

Like what PJ said, these pics are useless without sound!! :w00t:

Very nice exhaust, don’t like the standard one but this one looks great.

Also I love your dog. Is it a Boxer? We had one when I was a kid and it used to carry our shopping home for us in a basket! They’re lovely dogs.

How does it sound?

Looks good though :wink:

Yeah she is a boxer and great fun

sounds nice not loud enought yet will get better when i get a de cat pipe on there

yeah boxers are the best


sound clip!
sound clip!
sound clip!
sound clip!
sound clip!
sound clip!
sound clip!
sound clip!:smiley:

dude, when my backs better…any chance of another go!;):D:w00t:

looks nice mate:)

is that green thing a dead tortoise:D

~Yeah after my dog got it

Course mate can i put sound clips on here

was worse when i moved in so i just made best of a bad until i can afford a proper job

Looks nice - just need to lose the rear pegs and fit a tail tidy now :wink:

it looks beautiful…:slight_smile: