It's hard

No not that… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Trying to get back into biking and it’s harder than I would have thought, especially now I have a car to get me round!

Finally found out that my job is safe and got a lump sum that will buy me a bike I want but then I also need to upgrade gear to replace what was destroyed in last accident… and on top of that we’re doing a small refurb of the flat.

I find myself lacking the motivation to go and look at bikes… Everything seems too far away, I don’t have the right lid I want for such a trip, or the right gear. If I buy all the gear now, I won’t have the money for the bike…

But it’s not the financial decision… it’s that I can’t be that bothered at the moment and can’t make the decision on the bike 100%… constantly change my mind.

That’s it, my first world problem is laid bare… feel free to give me the proverbial kick up the backside I need :smiley:

Summer’s coming, buy the bike and ride topless with shorts and flip flops :cool:

I’ve got leathers… but sadly a few months in a heated car have turned me quit soft for the cold :smiley:

its the weather ,i have two bikes and all the cold weather gear but i can’t even be arsed to get it all on and ride ,another month it will warm up and be great on the bikes again.

The suns out, what more incentive do you need??
Having the car makes getting out on the bike seem like such a faff. I have exactly this problem, all those errands that you could do on the bike are just easier in the car
so it never goes out.

However once the weather warms up and all those shiny toys are out and about the temptation becomes too much to ignore.
You dont want to still be looking then. Anyway you are not marrying the bike, if its wrong chop it in.

Is that any help?

If you want it, it will come?

I hope this helps…

If all the bike shops are too far then just DRIVE there!

With biking and especially in the climate of this country - you will find that you will do it when the time is right. If you haven’t got incentive then maybe you don’t want to do it. If you can’t be bothered to get to a bike shop, look at bikes, try them out then are you really wanting to ride?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself… Do I really want to ride again? The answer is that I definitely do. I am chomping at the bits to get out… but shopping is my worst nightmare, be it bikes, bike gear or the insurance I would have to get!

I used to ride everyday, regardless of weather, through heavy london traffic and was fine. I’ve now changed my job where my commute is more than comfortable in a car and my weekends are not as free anymore as I’m not single. Doesn’t help that my girlfriend doesn’t want to come back on the bike after I crashed it the last time we were out…

you know what you need to do…:D;)

Right f*ck it… time to get moving. First step is to buy new lid as that’s the key one. new thread on that soon :smiley:

Oh good lad. Decision made.

It’s easy. Go for a drive in the car on a nice day, you’ll find yourself at the back of lots of traffic, and yearn to join the bikes zipping around you as you realise you’re in a small little box with a radio.

^^^^ what he said :smiley:

Alex, it’s a blip!
I’m commuting on the donkey and it’s boring. I took the VFR today and I realised what I’m missing of late and that is proper bike ride action! Remember those rides we used to do??? They were fun and you just need to ignite the passion again :wink:
So… when are we going to P&H to shop?

Alex is just being a slob:blush:

Give me the money ill go shopping for you :cool::P:hehe:


Book a test ride on something - anything!

That short ride will ignite the fire and show you what you have been missing! :smiley:

Nah, its easy!

This seller bought this last week for £1800