some one has to start the ball rolling.

so where are we all going?

what time for the Ace. the Bridge, Frith St.

I will be doing the lot at some time or other.

i’ll be in my garden

at midnight? you gotta get out more.

nope i’ll probably come in when it gets dark, read my topic if you’d like to understand

Good morning all,

thank the Lord its Friday…

so who is out to play tonight??

dont forget Novice ride is postponed to Sat 22 July.

Podcast is out - Nice one Matt…

I have to go and see a mate off as he is moving back to SA but then off to chelsea, not gonna make the ace tonight…

Wolfie see you around - promise to look in my mirrors this time

going to hit the bridge tonite, what time will anyone be around?

Morning all!! Going to take the bike for a blat down to the beach today since the weather is awesome and it’s the last day of my time off from work. Will see you all later at the Ace…should be there for around 7:30.


Good morning, Will be at the Ace from about 5ish

At the Bridge with a load of Africa Twins from about 8 ish then perhaps down to Frith…

London Eye Tour Guide

i read you item and am feel for ya, hopefully se out and about soon , i’l buy the tea.

I’m aiming to head for The Ace, as I’ve never been before. No idea how long it’ll take me to find it though, so no ETA as yet

Where are you travelling from?

Jo and I are going up to see Pen and Steve, really looking forward to it

will be down the ace hopefully from 6pm and ill be wearing my london bikers tshirt

i shall be at the ace, ready for my cUp of tea, from wolfie! he he, an then down to Chelsea bridge afterwards. maybe even frith? who knows! the nite hasnt even begun, and yes for anyone who doubts I WILL BE ON MY FAZER THIS TIME!

what you leaving your gay bike at home, i thought you might have used that tonight espically as frith is full of gays

mind you your bike would have got alot of attention

bout 6ish I’ll be on the way to Donny, Whoooo HooooooO! Sorry folks! Come on the Week End


i take it you will be bring your old rust bucket as per usual?!

yep ill be bringing the old rust bucket see you at the ace then chelsea bridge then frith