It's finally here

Picked it up today, not quite as torquey as the Gixxer thou but very strong motor higher up the rev range

ie it goes like phuq

looks bloody tasty that.

brand spanking new?

nice! alwasy liked ZX10’s, summit about them, would love one of the bonkers 04 models:cool:

Not new, 12k miles and a 54 plate

Its pretty clean tho

Its nice mate. Looks well looked after. Ace tommorow?

i though tit might be an 04! niiiiice:D

Could do, but I don’t know anyone or what they ride!!! :crying:

You’d have to come and find me coz I’d be scared in that there London :crazy:

Actually I’ll be the one doing 80mph wheelies and stoppies followed by the blues and twos hahahaha

Of course as long as it ain’t raining:D

Come with us mate…where are you based?

No where near you I bet, Aylesbury I go down A40

looks nice very nice i like the color to… any one based in south London? sorry for the silly question is this ace meet for any one of just the big bike riders?

Yeah I am South London way… where r u mate?

I like the blue, but there’s a great big grey tube in the way :wink:

Certainly not big bikes only down the ace!! Come on whatever you got mate! :slight_smile:

@moto-king im round streatham/tulse hill ways where you at?

as for coming that will be my 2 feet lol :smiley:

Check your PM

checked and replied mate…

Are you definitely going to the Ace tomorrow night then??

im not sure, scary seeing group of people never meet before lol… you going?

It depends on the weather!!! :slight_smile: I don’t fancy riding in the rain!

fair play on that one, should be ok tomorrow through but you know what our weather is like never really no till the day