It's different in Italy

Now what could possibly go wrong here…? :man_facepalming:

Boy’s a natural (8yrs old apparently) but come on… why???

now thats dumb

That’s a morte (waiting to happen)

I’m concerned about the extremes people will go to for attention on the internet. TicTok seems to have saturated this market and now people are doing more and more stupid things.


Darwin will catch up soon enough.


When your kid rides your bike
Even though he’s a tyke,
That’s a Morte…


I mean WTF… also and I acknowledge this is reltively a minor point in comparison, the guy is smoking!


Seriously guys - not everyone goes in for being sensible.

Irresponsible? For sure.

Something to worry about? Nah. Life would be boring as fck if no one ever took any risks and/or did stupid things.

People hurt, none. People outraged? Shedloads. And that is your choice…


if nobody did anything stupid and took risks i’d be out of a job.
And that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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Oh no doubt, if anything it highlights that sometimes you need people to do really dumb things and survive, just to contextualise that going atgatt and always safety conscious is boring…

You in H&S?

Heaven knows how we’d survive without someone telling us all not to do stupid things. I feel so much safer knowing there’s people going round telling us all to wear hi-viz jackets et al. Cos that’ll help if a brick lands on yer head at a building site :joy:

*For avoidance of doubt, I don’t doubt you do a brilliant job in helping reduce accidents.

I dont know what to feel, as a dad my guts are doing notts, but I am crying with laughter at the absurdity of it…a kid riding the bike, no helmets, and smoking a fag…jesus

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Same here… I also love the helmet hanging off the side. That’s where a helmet belongs

Back home when I was growing up, and even today, you’d see loads of people wearing the lid on their arms when riding. Apparently there was a myth going round that the wording of the law was that you had to ‘carry’ a helmet without mention of using it appropriately. Supposedly people wouldn’t get a ticket if they had one with them.

Remind me of the Tom Robbins book where the guy always has helmet on his elbow, the one day he wears it on his head, he crashes and breaks his elbow

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The Italians are definitely a breed apart when it comes to the road.

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Not really, come to Greece, and many of the southern countries and you will see the exact same mentality. Especially if you head into the villages…


You know you want to…