It's been awhile....

Hello again from Kansas…

Anyone I used to know still around here?





Yeah they’re still around, we have tried to get rid of smiled , with little success though :frowning:

yeh smiled is like herpes, with you for life and springs up at anytime:laugh:

good to see ya still around, you still have your HUGE cruiser?

Jay’s done a runner having given up trying to turn this place into a money maker and turned the keys over to Andrew who speaking of which just got married. smiled… well the story is far longer and the time is too valuable to waste! But he’s still here.
Joolz hasn’t been around for awhile…

How’s your shiny pig iron?

You don’t WANT to be in Kansas…we are struggling with drought and extreme heat. It’s been 105F+ for over a week and that’s all that’s in the forecast…more of the same. It SUCKS.

Still rocking the M109-R…no other bike has struck my fancy so I keep it.

What have you lot been up to? The usual assortment of some good, no good and outright debauchery?

AGGGGHHHHH MY EYES, TOO SHINY, AGGGHHHHHH Turn off the chrome! Christ dude, if you lean that at the right angle you could focus the sun and fry eggs with it!

That’s a whole lotta bike mate!

Drought huh… yeah we had one of those… they banned hoses and everything… rained solid for 2 months! English weather… totally unpredictable and generally crap…

We got the world dude, a football team that still sucks, a Queen that’s a billionaire and has been for 60 years… pretty good going eh, and then the Olympics… take a town with crap transport, then invite and additional million people to come and squeeze into that crap UNairconditioned transport with us…

Most Londoners wish it would all just bugger off and be a bit more sunny more regulalry for riding in…

Better late than never!! Only just seen this, dont often come in here anymore, makes me pine for a bike again! Hows things in Kansas?! :smiley:

Hey hey GregMeister

(Why do I feel like it’s an American Pie reunion type vibe here?)

Tobe speaks the truth despite the addled wanderings, yes I’m a dad, yes I’m married and shock horror the 675 has gone but the 7r lives on!

Heavy metal rules.

Well, actually, sits in the garage awaiting an MOT. But you know what I mean.

Nice to have you back now and again :slight_smile:

Hey Man!

How are you?