its been a wee while

anything new?

Nope, nothing new… Been pretty quiet really, new names popping up, old names disappearing …:blink: Something has upset em :smiley:

Still, i think your sometimes pointless posts have been missed :w00t::w00t:

ive never had any pointless posts…

just misunderstood :stuck_out_tongue:

Just stick some near naked photos on Steve, I’m sure it’ll get the hard up members drooling :wink:

(Hope you’ve settled in to your new place) :slight_smile:

hey up mate where ya been?

I knew you would come back… eventually:D

its been a wee while…

…it certainly has! How you doing?

I thought you were in hiding after Tug bullying you. Glad your back mate.

Yaaaay, Mr Wright, Did you find your life??? I’m back too :w00t:

Don’t scare him off again:w00t:

a wee while too short - feck off back where you were hiding :wink:

Na Steves ok now, Tug was having a bit of a off day (tbh it was his time of the month) He loves him really :slight_smile:

…and so do I, Welcome back Steve, We’ve missed your intresting posts about northern Ireland (wernt the Titanic built there :smiley: )


I didn’t notice you were gone.

is your english any better???:stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m still Steve’s official translator!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Strong Belfast accent on…) “What aboyt yee Stevie? Huys Yer Unglish commen arn?” (Strong Belfast accent off…) :smiley:

just been so busy with work lately, weekends, evening, all work time, plus having to work on Dubai time, New York time, and wherever else we have projects on, so mon-fri is pretty much a no go for anything at the moment.

Also considering moving outa London, into Surrey probably

Should have been out yesterday… i think bluestar needed some help…:smiley: