It's been a LONG winter....


Spring is nearly here. I spent my winter watching my mistress collect dust in the garage as there was too much snow and ice to ride. I had my right wrist reconstructed the week before Christmas…got the cast off 3 weeks ago. I’m in PT until mid-March to regain the strength and flexibility lost. I did have the bike out last Saturday for a 150 mile+ day in the southern Flint Hills…(just don’t tell my surgeon…he’ll be all kinds of pissed about it as I’m supposed to be going easy until mid-March.)

That’s all the news that fit to print from THIS sound of the pond…what have YOU lot been up to?

Good to have you back mate! :wink:
I’ve been mainly trying not to freeze my ass off, much like all the others who have been commuting to work over the last 4 months or so! :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully we’ll be getting some decent riding weather soon!

RR :smiley:

Wondered why you had been so quiet! I even sent you an (ignored) PM! Surely you can type with your left hand!!

Glad to have you back!! :smiley:

Hello stranger !

Good to hear from you Gregman :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to hold back the never-ending torrent of tasks that it takes to keep LB running.

Sorry to hear about your wrist. Please take the time to let it heal properly, don’t do what Grimm Reaper did and risk damaging it by riding!

hey mate…good to have you back!!


Nice to know you care Jay…:stuck_out_tongue: But G’man PLEASE dont do it again IT ISNT WORTH IT (I am living testament to that)

welcome back G’man glad your healing up :slight_smile:

WB matey:D

Glad the op was a success and that you’re on the mend.

Roll on sunny days eh?:wink:

Roll on sunny days, INDEED!!! I’ve had enough winter to suit me for now, thank you… :laugh:

I was pretty sore after the ride out last Saturday…like barely able to open my hand and grab the front brake sore. I think that was my bodys way of saying “OI!!! Stop being an asshole!” :w00t: Advice I’d probably do well to heed.

I’ve got some fun ride outs lined up for this season…the Pig Trail in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas for one…I’m sure I’ll be blasting about in the Flint Hills too. I’m looking forward to sharing pics and stories with you guys again. I won’t lie…your ride outs to the coast…to France…etc etc etc make me wicked jealous. I still haven’t given up on the idea of getting myself over there…hiring a bike and having at it.

We’ll see…



Thanks, Jay…and what is this story I hear about your bike being lifted? I swear to God, I don’t know how you guys can take it…to just sit back and let your hard earned property be swiped in broad daylight. Thieves try that **** in Texas or the area of Kansas where I live and they get shot…I guarantee it…shot dead on the spot. :laugh: Heavily armed populace in the Midwest…and not many burglaries either, surprisingly enough.

You do a fantastic job with LB…it’s AMAZING to me to see how it has grown…I think I was like the 4th person to sign up here…when it was essentially a shell…You do quality work and should be commended for the time and effort it takes to keep this place thriving. Hats off to you!

Yay … the Gregman is back, wondered where you had gone :smiley:

Get well soon and dont overdo it :wink:

Long time no read Gregman :smiley:

Hows that new President shaping up? :cool:

Howdy dude. I thought you’d taken a sabbatical to write a thesis on cockney slang?

Might need some advice from you, am planning to go to the States next year with a friend, hire bikes & do a big trip. We want if possible to do backwaters looking for quirky blues/blue grass musicians like Sea Sick Steve.