It's another birthday today!!!

Happy birthday Ian!!

I hope you get a lovely fish supper tonight with all the trimings :smiley:

Lusty xx

Happy Birthday Ian!!


Hope you have a lovely birthday:D

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday mate.

Happy Batterday Ian:P:D

Happy birthday Ian:D

Thanks all, working hard here

not sure about a fish supper but sue has something planed when I finnish at 10

Sue also got me a helicopter flight for my birthday, so looking forward to that, as I missed out last june, didn’t get to go in the air ambulance after my off.


Happy birthday Ian, have a good one:)

All the best fella !

happy birthday:)

Sorry i missed this, just seen it…happy beeday for yesterday Ian xxx Hope the fish and chip supper was good !! (must get over to your shop) !!:slight_smile:

Thanks again all

had a fair day working, but a great night when I got home :D:D


Many happy returns, belated :slight_smile:

Hope you had a brilliant day .

Happy birthday