Its about time i said hello

Hi all

Been a member for ages and i thought it was about time i introduced myself.

Im Dan and i currently live in South East London well ermmm Dartford commute everyday to work on the bike (well near enough) cant stand trains , im currently riding a new Aprilia Tuono which is great fun cant get enough of it , although ive also got a Zed750 which i use for work look forward to meeting up with some of you guys a few of which i know already i work just round the corner from Waterloo so i guess i dont have any excuses

Anyhow the drinks are on me

Cheers Dan

Hey fella, welcome aboard properly! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum for us!

Hello…good idea…come say hi at cubana !

Hey Dan, and welcome, not too far from me, I live Rochester work west london and commute on bike evryday - too right bout the trains, no way could I commute on those hell holes each day!

Morning and welcome, virtual pint on me then!


and welcome to LB

poke poke

with the newbie stick…


You and your stick!


Welcome Dan - ice cool 1664 if you would

Hello and welcome to LB mate - see you at the Cubana.

Hello mate! Welcome

hi dan welcome to LB ill have a guinness

Good evening dude!

I’ll have a Babycham.