It's a bit late but

I should have done this a while back really.

I am responsible for the AXA branded Rescue and Recovery vehicles that operate in the Uk and Eire, we currently have 3 bike vans and 3 trucks working London but will be putting another 6 bike vans on the road in November. For my sins I don’t currently ride a bike, but I find this forum an invaluable source of information for everything relating to the biking industry.

It is my intention of being able to support a forum like this by making one or more of the vans available to back up any large rides that you are doing, I want to make the vans available to as many people as possible.

I have been in the recovery industry for 18 years now and I am really happy to be spending about 80% of my effort on creating a specialist motorcycle Rescue and Recovery service

I will stop now before any of you fall asleep.

Hey there fella, welcome to LB :slight_smile: Fantastic offer, no doubt we’ll be in contact…

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Hello and welcome to LB, no offence, but I hope never to have to call on your services.

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Hello and Welcome to LB.

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Welcome! Thanks for the invaluable service…many a biker appreciate what you do :slight_smile: