It'll be almost a year...

…from when my bike was nicked last year to taking delivery of my brand new one in June.

Went down to Vines in Guildford yesterday to take the new F800GS out for a spin, and ended up putting in a order. Bearing in mind the first time I contacted them about the bike was in November last year it’s been quite a long time coming.

I’m a mixture of excited and nervous. Excited to be so close to finally having a bike again and some freedom (no buses or trains) and nervous about tying up all the loose ends, insurance etc. Excited about all the adventures me and the missus will have on it. Nervous about the first scratch/drop, it’s fookin’ heavy! Excited about taking it for a track day (yes trailies can do track days too). Excited about being able to go to the BMM with a bike I’m proud of, my last bike was a heap of sh!t.

But mostly I’m excited!

There’s no fixed date yet, but it’s likely to be first/second week in June a whopping 56 days.


If I was going to go over to the ‘BMW side’ the F800GS is what I’d go for too. It gets really good reviews.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Cheers dude,

For me it ticks all the boxes and finds that middle ground between fun and (dare I say it) practicality. It’s going to be my only form of transport so 2up comfort is really important, and it delivers.

A good choice - well done mate!

I’m also a very recent convert Germany (my GS gets its 600 mile service tomorrow), so I know the reasons you’ve opted for this bike.

Hopefully it will arrive a bit sooner than they said… you never know your luck!

Saw one at the Hein Gerike Nick sanders thing, looks a very very good bike, BMW trailie with power but not oversized…look forward to a look see when you get it!

Yeah, I could have had one sooner if I’d gone for the Yellow, there was one floating on their system.

But, the gray looks so much more military and subtle.

Was initially worried about the height/weight, getting it off the side stand is going to get a while to get used to. It leans a REALLY long way over when parked up.

One thing that really surprised me was the supposedly “lowered” seat was actually worse than the standard, for some reason they’d made it wider, which in turn made it dig into my thighs.

There will definitely have to be some tweaking to get the height setup right.

Can’t wait!