ITALY trip June 2015

Yes I know its a long way off but good to start planning

I’ve booked here they have caravans/tents if anyone wants to go then book your own accom works out cheaper if you share, its a £99 deposit and leaves you almost 12 months to pay remainder.

I plan to make it a 3 day trip down with sightseeing etc on way its approx 1100 miles from Bedfordshire

Dates are
leave UK 5 June 2015 arrive Livorno 7 June
Depart Livorno 17 June arrive UK 19 June

so if anyone coming BOOK site

ARRIVE 7th June Depart 17th June

Arrive UK Fri 19th

At the moment

Myself & Karen going

Theresa & Paul …Friends of ours

R1Franc or whatever the hell he called now & Mrs + mate booked

if anyone want to join then they more than welcome…I will post more info/routes etc on my Fb group page (Ride 4 fun)

here is link to the site


Only the other half coming now, she is flying over… My bro & wifey are driving down to our folks (deep south) so are going to pop in for the evening :cool:

Our friend has been there a few times over the years and rates it :slight_smile:

this page is bookmarked cant confirm now as my situation is bad but if i have my bike passport and money im in

ok Franc may have 2 more from work coming as well :slight_smile:

:cool: Nice one Steve…