ITALY 2009 Tuscany 7 nights

The chunnel was the option we’re looking to go by - quicker, easier and less queasy than the ferry! Last year the motorail cost was £247 return. I doubt it will cost much more next year - but when you take into account petrol costs, wear and tear on the bike , tiredness etc we didn’t think it was so bad. Accomodation was £500 for a 6berth tent.-£100 each if 6 sharing.

Nice one Steve! I’m definitely interested.

I’m interested too, but would rather ride down n meet you guys there… can’t sit on a train for that long :slight_smile:

Ducati factory a must - guess if there is enough interest as a group we could arrange a visit?

That whole area full of amazing roads, fantastic countryside & medieval towns with loads of history… mmmmm yeah bring it on :stuck_out_tongue: Qx

Well Q we did think about riding but its a thousand miles each way, which isnt much but why do that kind of mileage and arrive tired ? doesnt make sense another option is to ride down and train back, still each to there own :slight_smile:

If anyone is deffo up for this Pm one of us so we can get names and see who is gonna share to cut costs ok, just looked into hiring bikes down there but its very exspensive, or you could fly to pisa and just sit on the beach :slight_smile:

but looking at the chunksters pictures those roads just have to be ridden :slight_smile:

nice amount of interest though, jay bring stickers and we put them on bikes in Italy :slight_smile:

1000 miles each way? That’s okay - live it! I’m up for riding down…:slight_smile: Qx

I definitely want a trip to the continent next year so would be interested too. Let me know prices when the train details are available. Thanks

I’m interested too - more info please when its available:D

If this is going to be a bike and beach holiday, at least it makes packing easy… leathers, lid and bikini :wink:

I will, don’t worry. However last year I was looking for a train to put my bike on and travel to south Italy, and I could not found it. The only I had found was to ride to North Italy (Bolzano) and get the train from there to South Italy. At the end I did not do it. :crazy:


I think you should leave your leathers at home, and just wear the bikini. :smiley:

Today I phoned this company they are uk based, 01253 59 55 55 these guys are the booking agent for the rail company, I have booked our places, on the train and also booked euro camp so far 5 all together, dates for the train are 21/08/09 and 29/08/09, euro camp 22/08/09 to 29/08/09 saturday to saturday. I still have no confirmed prices yet for the train, the paragrah below is taken from their web page, the only extra was you have to book a bed on the train, so a couple of beers good food and a kip and wake up and we will be there:D

Book now and pay nothing til 2009 fares are published in November…then either re-affirm your reservation with a £150 deposit or let the booking ‘drop’ You cannot loose. :cool:

all in favour of this lmao :DCONFIRMED SO FARME KAZPAUL & FIONARAYDAWN & NIGEL + family

Yeah we’re going, was thinking of ways of holidaying with biker pals and combining it with seeing Nigel’s boys in Aug, answer = fly to Tuscany with kids and camp near biker pals, everyone’s a winner. Have to make sure we get the easyjet flights though, otherwise bo**ocksed. Can’t wait.

Get straight onto eurocamp book before end of Oct get discount not alot but every penny counts:w00t:

FYI Ryanair also fly to Pisa from Stansted. Cost us about £50 return in August:cool:

going to speak to the missus about this one and see if she fancies it… If she doesn’t then I’ll see if she’ll let me go on my own! :smiley: Will let you know soonish steve.

Definitely up for this. Never ridden in Europe so would be up for riding down.

Also put me down for a yes vote on Dizzy with no leathers and just the bikini! :smiley:

anyone got the number of the italian embassy ? …need to find out if dayglo derek is allowed in all lit up like he is :D:D

oh and peeps need to decide who will share with who, so they can sort there own accomodation etc out and whose paying what :slight_smile:

cant wait wish it was sooner

how come in Florence? and how come in August?? In August is still very warm and not good for people like us that are used to wear all the protective gear. We will boil within our leathers!!!


They can’t say they haven’t been warned:cool: