ITALY 2009 Tuscany 7 nights


This is the one you all been waiting for, the village idiots n Lb posse trip to Italy :)7 nights in Tuscany staying at EUROCAMP Park Albertros look it up but its a huge tent 6 berth £500 so the more that go the cheaper it is, we’ve put our deposit down get discount :slight_smile:

LEAVE UK Friday 21st August ride to Livorno

Arrive Saturday 22nd

Spend 7 nights in Italy

LEAVE ITALY Saturday 29th August ride home

Arrive back in UK Sunday 30th August

Departure times to be sorted but earlier the better due to distances

Due to the major price increase on the train we will now be riding to Livorno, from my home in Beds its 1008 miles we will be leavin approx 4am on the Friday ride as far as possible on that day aiming to get south of DIJON which is the halfaway point, so that we can enjoy the scenery as we skirt Geneve and on up through Mont Blanc tunnel, we then carry on south toward the coast Genova direction then follow coast to Livorno, If anyone wants to ride down with us or meet us there as before let us know.

Livorno is just South of Pisa, not far from Florence, Bologna, Modena etc so plenty to see and do if ANYONE is interested and want more info etc PM myself, Paulblack or the witch Heggerty :D:D

So come on plenty of time to save up gonna be lots of sun, sea and wine this time the brochure says so :smiley:


Myself + Kaz Riding down

Paul + Fiona Riding down

Dawn + 3 Kids flying down

Nigel Riding down

Ray Riding down

R6Babe + OH Riding down

Varajohn + OH

Ginger riding down

Missingdroid byron Riding down

some pix from book







it looks interesting!!!


I’ll share a room with WESTIE :wink:

I’ll share a room with WESTIE :wink:

You’re gonna love the roads out there, was out there in August. Lovely smooth sticky tarmac and spectacular twisties, including plenty of buttock clenching switchback hairpins:D

Will be interested to see the rail prices Steve.:cool:

Heres a couple of pictures from this year.







quality! :smiley:

Tempted by this, will need more info & see how I can work it.

Ooohh a trip to the Ducati factory and museum whilst there? Maybe.
Would like more info Steve as and when you get it.

I’m interested! :slight_smile: Never been to the continent by bike before.

Any one who has not riden in europe before, car drivers are a bit more biker aware:cool: the roads are better and smoother, any tolls are reasonable if we come across any, and remember they drive on the wrong side of the road:w00t: but serious I find it easier to ride/ drive in europe, but don`t take my word for it, get BOOKING. As soon as we get train price will let you know. If Stevecbr11XX or myself leads, or be tail gunner we will not lose you:cool: we will syncronise twat navs:P

Can i just point out that you wont all be staying in our 6 berth tent! it’s big but not that big! Steves head has to fit in! :D:D

What`s a train?:wink:

remember Thomas he was one:P

how much is the motorail going to cost?

Prices for motorail are being released in November as soon as I find out, every one will know:cool: The rail company we going to use is

Yes mate thats on the agenda, plus people can do what they want or if they have ideas where to go stick it up and we see whats possible, as paul said the prices for train n sleeping bits up soon, and obviously if 6 share the tent its under £100 each, we going by train to save wear and tear on bikes but also to start the holiday nice n relaxed so look up the website and make ya minds up :D:D

Jetstream (25/10/2008) What`s a train?remember Thomas he was one

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Remember him? We were once very close friends, sadly I could not maintain a relationship with a train on a small private line. I felt my horizons were being restricted,he refused to even leave Cambridgeshire:(

I had to move on much to our mutual regret.

Sorry to bring this up, but the mere mention of a train now has me in floods of tears.:blush::crying:

As I said before Steve seriously tempted by this, plenty of time to get saving, even with a skiing trip I’ve just booked for March, so I’m looking more definite as the days go by. Be good to get a rough idea of the whole package price (transport and accommodation) so I’ll keep an eye on this thread for the rail/ferry prices, I assume it’ll be ferry from Dover to Calais?

Alice/Bumblebee/Chunks/Mark - any places in that part of Italy, or around Livorno, we should make a special effort to go and see? (outside of the obvious stuff anyway) :slight_smile:

You have to come dude, we’ll need someone to interpret for Steve, he’s bad enough in this country! :smiley:

You are joking aren’t you? Car drivers and scooterists are like kamikazi round that area:w00t: You really do need eyes up your ar$e and in town riding isn’t for the feint hearted…lol

Somethings to bear in mind. If you want to do Bologna or Modena via “interesting” roads you would be advised to stop overnight as its a long, hot tiring ride up into the mountains. I have already given Steve details of an excellent hotel in Modena where we stayed :slight_smile:

Bear in mind also that in August it was around 40C so you better like it hot:cool: You will dehydrate quickly so I’d recommend a Camel Pack (I wish I’d been given that advice:hehe:)

Mark (Bikerboy) has plotted the routes we took on Google maps and I’m sure he will be willing to share them with you.One last thing… I think I’m right in saying that tours of the Ducati Factory is by appointment only but you need to find that out for sure.