Italians! Where to get Limoncello?

Okay, we’re hooked, we need some more. We’ve had it abroad but have so far not found a UK retailer, but the other day we had a very nice lunch in an Italian deli in Richmond and they sold us a .70l bottle for £20, and it’s fab. The problem is, we drunk half of it last night and need some more.

Does anyone know where to get some?

We found a site that tells you how to make your own, with two bottles of vodka, 15 lemons and a kilo of sugar. Yum. Would probably be easier to buy it though

2 Places where you will find Limoncello in Central London are:

  1. Fratelli Camisa in Old Compton St.

  2. Lina’s Stores - Brewer Street,

or… Via Petrarca in Naples, Italy where my mom and dad brew their own… hic!

Limoncello is a traditional southern Italy liquor which is brewed by boiling lemon peels and adding the concentrated syprup to a 100 proof spirit, but its not the only version they do, you can get it in most citrus flavours, like orange and grapefruit but is also available in the Island of Capri in apple, strawberry, peach and a few other fruit flavours.

and its loverly stuff…hic

Ah nice one, thanks guys! Damn, I wish I had some now, but Foxy has it instead!


My sister lives in southern Italy and they make their own but if you like limoncello, have you tried ‘grappa’, available up to about 65/70% alchohol content but no hangovers. I think you might be able to get limoncello & grappa in Sainsbury.


There is a vey famous Deli right oppsosite Hatton Garden (Clerkenwell Rd End) right next to the Italian Church. I used to go there a while ago and remember them having evrything !!.

Worth a try !!

Superb, thanks for the tips guys… I love Italy, me

mmmmmmm i love that too, very nice and very moreish

Most big sainsbury’s store stock it

I’ve even seen it in the Staines branch

2 min walk from my office, whilst you are there go into the coffee shop and ask Veronica for a coffee, it is the dogs you know what’s!!

Hey thats right…I forgot you are in that location mate…I was wondering after I had posted if Id made a fool of myself and it not being there anymore…now I know it is I,ll pay a visit, there salami,s and sauces are the mutz nutz !!!

Jay, check this out!! you can now even order Limoncello and other italian delicatessen on line…

Thanks Fran… I’ll make sure Jay stocks up on it for both of us… LOL…