italian bike night at ace cafe 8th december 2011

convoy point : McDonalds 157 Colindeep Lane London NW9 6DB

Destination : Ace Corner North Circular Road, London NW10 7UD

Convoy back to : Mcdonalds 157 Colindeep Lane London NW9 6DB

Time : 7pm

Date :8th december 2011 thursday

Who is up for meeting up for this event and convoying to ace cafe together from the McDs to Ace cafe and back towards Mcds after for a mini meet of our own and have some hot drinks and hot food at mcds?

Loving the copy and paste for 3 threads

cheeky git lol i jsut couldnt be arsed to re type it as i already posted this on another forum so i copy and pasted it.

Are you sure this is a good idea? Italian machinery doesn’t have a good reputation for enduring the winter weather.

any italian bike owners going to this event tomorrow?

My XR6 was originally sold in the Italian Market, do that count?

Yes , in my car :smiley: