It would be useful if this was universal....?

I don’t know these people, video is not associated with me.

Just think it would be useful to have universal hand signals for group riding. The only one I didn’t think was to good was the “Tight turn” signal, which requires the lead rider to brake in an odd way.

What do you think?

Obviously not as entertaining as the comedy “omg I say hi to you” hand signal video, but more useful perhaps…

some are pretty good…

have alook at some more :wink:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a universal one of those already, it starts with braking in an odd way, quickly followed by the back wheel locking up and then a comedy dismount…or is that not quite what you were thinking of?!? :wink: :smiley:

Wouldn’t work in Europe as their “hazard right” and “hazard left” are equvalient of a UK nod. I use it when filtering to say thanks to cars who move over.

I didn’t see a signal for “Look at the shirt potatoes on that!” :smiley:

The hazard left and right was the leg out, I particularly liked that one. I also liked the single file hand signal, which I thought would be useful for when you wanted the group in a particular lane for a turn off or something like that.

I did also think the “tight turn” signal would result in a comedy dismount on UK roads.

I do ‘tight turn’…it’s not hard to flash the break light, easiest with the front brake, you just have to know where the point where the switch engages without engaging the brake is

I’ve used a few quick flashes of the brake light to warn of upcoming hazards & traffic lights since being on a 125 (learnt from others on here).

You don’t actually need to engage the brakes to flash the light on many bikes, only the switch; my front lever (rather than rear pedal) gives an audible click when the switch is engaged just before the brakes bite, although your milage may vary.

I love that one!

But the one Kaos posted was gd… i us alot of the same signals tbh…

always used “slow down” one, dunno where i got it from, but seems very natural, esp. approaching a speed camera…