It was twenty years ago today!

Pics that will take you back, to another century - yikes :w00t:

I feel duped … so just in case anyone else was hoping for something different … here you are :smiley:

Ha ha! that would be - it was forty years ago today! :w00t:

Yeah - but isn’t the passage of time weird?

Back in 1990 sgt. Pepper was only 20 odd years ago,

now 1990 itself is 20 years ago. . . aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

kool pics!

raaaahhh 20 years ago the rave scene was ALIVE!! now its pretty much dead and buried

i miss World Dance!:crying:

remember it well, we was out cruising in me m8s new motor, wenmt to go pick his missus up and drove right into the middle of it, stupid students thinking they were big/hard and police on hoprse back coming at us, then we run out of petrol in shaftesbury avenue and me m8 went got some petrol while we stood at the car and not 1 copper stopped or even questioned me m8 walking through it with a can of petrol, good times.