It was sept 16th 2006

And Ginger pulled at the BCW!!!

Which one was she?


In all seriousness I can report GInger did pull at the BCW.

The redheaded love machine sprung into action on the evening of 16th Sept. Having donned his favourite lime green short and T shirt set he set about winning her over…

Come on Ginge spill!

That cracked me up at 4:45 when me and Barro turned up at the camp…There were we all blurry eyed riding into the camp…and what catches our eyes…the LIME GREEN DUDE Nice wakeup call mate

Nice one mate you deserve it!

I wondered why he’d been rather quiet on the forum…

Im intrigued now…pics pls!

you mean this lime green outfit???


yep it sure was and when i did pull she actually said to me that from when she fist saw me she was eying me up so there and also get told her auntie likes me as well she even camwe up onto the satge to give me a kiss jay has pictures so lets see them jay come on i cant wait any longer

I didn’t need to see that.

good on you ginge

good news indeed Ginge…ahhh bless