it took me over 30 years but got one at last...

heres my new old baby…in green too…H2 750 ported and tuned a bit so should fl

Will change those pipes though for some large bore pipes…more midrange power…hope to have about 100-110 bhp with the new pipes…at the rear wheel.

Just the little matter of getting it from the US now and road registering it here in the UK. That will be fun…


Nice one 2T. H2B innit?Not original paint work but nice all the same:)

See if you can get some Denco spannies:)Why didnt you buy one already in UK mate?

Nice, can almost smell the synth from here :slight_smile:

am getting one or two and filling some space in a container…

Chunks they are half price in the US…and there are more bits for them in the US…going to pop over there in a few weeks to go get a whole host of other bits and pieces…gonna have one or two projects to work on then…

fancy picking me up some velocity stacks for the r1 whilst you’re there? :cool:

Half Price? Really?

If you find a Triumph Hurricane X75 let me know will ya? I’ll have pound notes waiting for it:)Haven’t you enough projects as it is?;):smiley:

Love that Kwack green. :smiley:

I only got 113bhp outta the Bandit. 110 would be a good gain.

Looks good 2T…How many strokers you got now :w00t: !

Very nice mate.

love it!

like elad said- i can smell it from here!

would love to see and hear it in the flesh one day:)

She looks great!! I love the pipes!!

chunks will let you know…yes the prices are really that much better out there…and you know me and twostrokes…expecially the triples…

cant wait to get her out in summer…

I am bringing over a container of stuff but to be fair i would have thought you could get them posted from the US easy enough.

Looks beautiful " Two’ies " would imagine it will be a bit of a handfull with the handlebars on the wrong side for UK though :wink:

This is my memory of H2’s:D

I hope you know you can only ride one of these wearing Levi’s and Baseball boots and a pocketfull of spark plugs:D

yeah is just the varaible nature of VAT and duty on the way in (whether you get stung for it, and then an admin charge from the PO too). can either end up nice and cheap, or extorionate for effectively two pairs of plastic tubes :wink: