It seems the fuel protest is the hot topic

So where are MAG, or MCN, or any of the big authorities that represent us… sitting back on their laurels I say…

Its a well known fact that anyone here organises anything without billions of pounds in insurance, police permission, police escorts, public consent to let us use their roads and so on, we’re gonna get arrested… BUT THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE THAT AFFECTS ALL BIKERS…so how come our reps just don’t do anything to represent our views…?

Come on you lot, what are you doing as representatives of the motorbiking world and its views if you HAVEN’T heard all the consensus for a peaceful protest against the grotesque and disgusting fuel price inflation … OI WAKE UP AND REPRESENT US!

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gotta agree with you on this one mate, as per usual mag,bmf etc dont wanna upset the apple cart, so if you’ve paid to join any organisations WHAT do you get for ya money ? The same could be said for the unions TGWU etc they too busy cosying up to the govmt and cant be bothered with the little man any more, take the money and run attitude

Dear Miss Powerpuffgirl,

RE: Fuel Surcharge

The past few months have seen unprecedented rises in fuel costs, and some of our competitors have responded to this by increasing their fuel surcharge every month.

We’ve done everything we can to delay an increase to our Fuel and Legislation surcharge, in fact we?ve held the current level since February. But, due to additional fuel cost rises of more than 20% and with all indicators pointing to further increases, we now need to implement an increase ourselves.

The fuel element of our Fuel & Legislation surcharge will increase to 5.5%* for all UK services, Euro 48 and Ireland 24, and to 7.5%* for our other international services. These charges will be applied to all despatches from 21st July 2008.

The surcharge level for our flown international services reflects the significant cost increase in aviation fuel and is less than half of that applied by the largest international carriers.

We have kept the increase to a minimum, and it is still very low compared to other leading carriers; some already charging 20% or implementing monthly increases of as much as 1.5%

Rather than linking our surcharge level to an external fuel cost index, as some of our competitors do, which means the price you pay can vary every month, we?ve decided to review it against our actual fuel costs on a quarterly basis ? in October, January, April and July - and will publish any changes on our website at, a minimum of 14 days prior to any change.

I would like to take this opportunity to re-assure you that we are doing everything we can to limit the impact of future fuel price increases, to minimise our impact on the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint. The initiatives below are either already underway or about to start:

implementing further energy efficiency and reduction measures in all of our depots; driver training programmes to maximise fuel efficiency; working with our vehicle suppliers to provide the most energy efficient vehicles; trialling a number of alternative fuel vehicles using electric and hybrid technology; sourcing all of our electricity from renewable sourcesIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your Parcelforce Worldwide Account Manager or contact us on 08708 501150.

Yours sincerely

David Smith
Managing Director

Parcelforce Worldwide

  • The combined Fuel and Legislation Surcharge will now be 7.75% and 9.75% respectively.

And thats told you !! :slight_smile:

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