it pays to be a wee bit older, and live in a good area- insurance

just received my renewal through, which i wasnt particularly pleased with, as it had gone up 30% from last year.

In the 7 yrs ive been riding, ive only ever had TPFT as fully comp was very expensive.

went on a certain insurance comparison website, and have managed to get full comp, everything included (breakdown, legal, no claims protect, personal accident cover, helmet and leathers) all for the grand total of £250! (And that is 90 quid cheaper than renewal, on tpft only.

it definately pays to phone around.

just one thing i was wondering, they mentioned your no claims can only be used on one vehicle. but ive always had seperate no claims for the bike and car, is this right?

My bike insurance actually came down a bit this year but my van insurance went through the roof.

mine nearly bloody doubled, i wont be re-insuring it through express next year:ermm:

it must be all those speeding fines and convictions doubled yours :stuck_out_tongue:

My insurance took a hike too …

Another 6 points earned taking the tally to 9, plus a £6,000.00 claim. Initially it dropped from £212.00 to £138.00 now it’s sky rocketed to £300.00

Most insurance companies normally allow two NCB’s one for catagory A vehicles and the other for catagory B, C and D vehicles, keeping your bike and car/van/truck/bus NCB’s separate.

mine went up by £100, along with the Excess up by another £100

so i now pay £315 TPFT, with a £600 excess, for a bike valued at £550 :unsure:

£167 with all the trimmings :smiley:

WHAT~!!! I got £575 renewal on my 1st year no claims at 31 yrs old!!!

my first year i think it was about 350, but i only went on tpft

it may surprise you, but my last claim was about 7 years ago when i was a total nobber…so i’ve got loads off no claim bonus :smiley: touch wood