It landed in my back yard ...

… but what is it?

a bird

Looks like a Green Woodpecker:

Well done Pat your absolutely correct, a female green woodpecker.

We’ve never seen one wild in the wild before.

Only 52,000 breeding pairs throughout the UK may have some relevance.

Is it tasty?

I had one of those in my Garden last week, I wondered what it was too. Very Pretty little thing

i see them quite often in the park with my dog, they’re really shy birds so you’re lucky to have one visiting you.

i actually see more green ones than standard woodpeckers. the black & whites have nested in my garden for two years in a row, bloody noisy the little ones they are but really cute.

I bet deep fried it is!

And on an unrelated note, Sam what have you done to your name and avatar?!?! Are you finally going for that final op? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you knew my surname was Bird, Sophie used to Call me Tweet!! (I thought she said Sweet, but turns out it was Tweet!!) and i found that Graffiti Tag on Google and thought it may make me appear Hip and Down Wit Da Kidz (And its Black & Orange so just felt right)

Grilled on toast with cracked black pepper

Hmm I’m hungry that actually sounds pretty good!

I remember your surname Sam, just its all different and I liked the other avatar :frowning:

It may be a temperary change of Avatar then :smiley:

i’ve just asked Sam the same question on a different thread. epic fail :laugh:

are you sure she was calling you tweet and not twat :laugh:

LOL. Cheers Alba, Love you

LOL!! :w00t: Yeh Sam, you better check on that one cos I don’t recall ‘Tweet’ either! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, I think it was a lot harsher than Twat to be Honest!

anytime sweetcheeks…i mean tweet…i mean … :smiley:

Oi!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So Greek!

Bbq maybe

I had a shy bird in my garden once:w00t: