It just ate my newbie post - aaaaarrrgghhhhh

Ok let’s try this again…

New to the site and thought I’d better say a quick Hello.

I’m another newbie from Kent, but I work not far from Waterloo, so will pop along to Cubana after work on a wednesday as soon as I get chance (easier said than done). You’ll be able to recognise me as I’ll be the one with no bike, cos they’ll be tucked up at home waiting for the weekend.

Brief background - been riding since 17yo, with a few bike-free years due to being a skint student or married. I’m not either now, so have 2 bikes: a 650 dragstar and an nc30. As the observant amongst you will probably have guessed, I am not blessed with long legs! Will leave it at that before I start on a rant about bikes that are too tall and not easily mod’d…

Will hopefully see some of you soon.


Hey there, welcome to our community! I love NC30’s personally. Post up some snaps of your bikes in the Pictures forum for us. Hope to see you at Cubana on Wednesday!

Big welcome, madscientist, and here’s ya P.A.N.T.S. (Protective Anti-Newbie-Thumping Shield) and bumper tube of arnica cream for when Da Artist gets near you.

And to DA:

Nah nah nee nah nah, BEAT YA! You are REALLY slowing down DA, must be that dodgy foot playing you up - either that or you’ve souped up the newbie stick so much it’s too heavy to run with!

Welcome to LB madscientist post up some picx of your bikes in the members gallery

Poke, poke n Slap with the newbie stick

(CMuffin legs playing up & order bike toys has me busy this morning :plain

Welcome to lb, am sure somebody will eventually offer some legstretching for ya!

The pics were dutifully added last night - currently the last post on page 70-something.

Sometimes I do as I’m told…


Good to see you here Madscientist. They’re a top bunch here and you’ll be made to feel right welcome at any of the meets / rides.

Hi there fellow Kentish person!

I am in Delightful Dartford.


Welcome to LB!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hello and welcome

What I dont understand is that very few people are 6ft 8 but why do bike manufactures insist on building and with alot of hard work and problem solving make it hard for the smaller people (98.9% of the total population) to adjust the seat height!!!


When I was looking for my 1st bike I was surprised that very few bikes were low enough for me too be comfortable on but anyway get my moaning out the way cause this is sposed to be a welcome note

Hope to see or hear from you soon

Ride Safe


Hi there !!!

Oppppppps sorry I thought I had replyed to you before, and welcomed you the the site.

So welcome to the LBs, hope to see you next Monday at the Ace.

I also had a dragstar 650.


Hello and welcome…

welcome to LB, very late I know having actually met you at Cubana ‘n’ all.


madscientist… Hope to see you at the Brazen Head… Welcome to the site…

welcome newbee