it is ridiculous

i found the little piece of metal to click and hold the box on the rake is missing(don’t know how to call it in english:)), i have to use a tank bag instead. somebody must have unscrewed the thumbnail sized piece off last night when i left my bike in a motorcycle parking bay in Upper St Martin’s Lane. those petite thefts are more annoying than serious crimes. now i do not know what to do with the useless yamaha rake and topbox.

You’re sure that it didn’t work it’s way loose? Check out the manufacturer of the mounting/base plate - it should be possible to order replacement parts.

it is possible, but not very much likely. i put the rake back on bike on saturday, and the part fell off on my first trip on monday, due to the inproper installation/my poor workmanship?:slight_smile:

maybe, well, i feel ok about it now, my fault or theft, i am going to ask about a part delivery, or try to find another sollution, make something myself to put on the rake.

More than likely:cool: