It happened in May 2007 ...

… Highsider in Italy.

Broke the usual bone, surgery some days later, on the bike 2.5 weeks after that. Works quite well :cool:




ouch bet that hurt!

It hurts more if you see the pic … I honestly had no pain - not after the crash, not after the surgery.

Must have been lucky I guess …


For those of us to have been fortunate enough not to have high sided, or fallen off at all, what is the usual bone?

looks painful anyway… :pinch:

you are lucky the bone didn’t go near any nerves. prob why no pain. i still have a face and hand that feel like they are being tickled and sometimes burnt due to nerve damage. so again…very lucky

Collar bone Tim… Not too common in ice skating though mate;):smiley:

Funny I thought that after I’d posted, ice skating injuries are far more serious Chunks, my bloody elbow is still not right! :wink: