it feels weird to ride naked

it feels weird to ride naked, i mean with hands naked:D without gloves.

yesterday i used a gas station air pump and made my hands dirty, so i decided to ride hands naked for the last mile of my return journey. but it was a weird feeling, gloveless, it suddendly became difficult to clutch and brake properly

Are you an exhibitionist? LOL :hehe:

Mmmm like moving a car without wearing the seatbelt :slight_smile:

yeh i know

but i always ride with no gloves … unless it’s really cold and then i use my van anyway

never in all the 38 years i have been riding have i found a pair of gloves i feel comfortable in … so i have never worn them

i have done more damage to them in the garage than out on the road


everybody does that when i tell them …

cant remember the exact fact but they tell you on your bike safe

along the lines of - at 30mph it takes 1meter to go through 1mm of skin.

kinda says it all really doesnt it :w00t: especially as the first thing to hit the deck on when you go down is yours hands

i have got bungees attached to my wrists , as soon as i let go of the bars my hands fly up under the opposite arm pit , works everytime

sorry no really in the 38 years i have been riding needless to say i have been off a few times and my hands have never hit the ground

they say 60% of statistics are wrong …:hehe:

your right , but i don’t feel in control wearing them , so after all this time , i’d rather be in control , than just in case i fall off

i would always recommend people who are new to use them , because if you wear them to start with then they become like a second skin , but me i’ll never get used to them … so if anyone wants soem cheap gloves i have a couple of pairs , only worn once

it is also like driving a car barefoot

cool well im never one to tell people what they should or shouldnt do. I think the obvious fact of what can happen is plain to see.

but please be carefull about what is said about this sort of thing as there are sheep on this site who will read this and assume that due to your past luck they also now feel comfortable without gloves. i know that wasnt your intent but needs to be said.

Im also assuming you have at least ten kids because contraceptives are just another statistic hey? for them cathlics sorts :wink:

try not wearing a helmet !

did that in Greece and it felt really weird…but strangely liberating

hence my last paragraph , oh by the way NOBODY tells me what to wear when i go out on my bike , i wear a crash helmet not becuse i have to but because it’s safer and more comfortable to do so , when i started riding you didn’t HAVE to wear one but i still did

i have one kid and a chop … :wink:

haha ill let you off then naked hand man


.when the ex missus decided to abandon ship last week altho she had a few injuries she didnt hurt her hands…no she wasnt wearing gloves but she did lose a diamond out of her £2000 engagement ring :pinch:
So i guess diamond rings offer some protection and you could always get some diamond knee sliders while your at it.:slight_smile:

always wear gloves

A “few” years ago, I would ride all day with no gloves, helmet, boots, whatever, but no more, thank you.

Getting used to changing riding gear and traffic stuff has been a gradual process but I’ve just learned to adapt with each addition.

I now feel naked without a half decent set of riding gear with armour.

It’s been a long while since I last had an off but, as I recall, it hurt. And that was when bikes were slow.

What about the odd rock/bee/cigarette butt that hits your hands while driving?

I’ve been laughed at before (especially in cross-mountain excursions during the summer, with local villagers bursting out with laughter with a dude wearing gloves in 35C), but I’ll side with the “always wear gloves” side.

The fact that something hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it won’t.