It arrived version 2

At risk of repeating WooWoo’s thread. My bike was delivered this morning. Ye Har,

So far, adjusted the rear sets down and forward a bit, fitted the crash bungs and started the de-stickering. Went for a ride and I am very happy. Silky power! Unfortunately got a bit wet. Didn’t mind though! Find the brakes a bit spongy so far with alot of travel. Hopefully they will bed in nicely.

I tried to fit the R & G tail tidy but the instructions re the wireing are a bit vague. I haven’t got a clue about electrics so gave up. I am gonna google it and try and get some pics or a video to look at.

Very smart looking.

always glad to see someone get a new gixxa…


good one I love two or more exhausts…thats one cool bike…

Nice bike :wink: You don’t look too happy though :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfection gets better with the delivery of every Gixxer.

One day when my bank balance looks healthier I will trade in my K5, 600.

Very nice for a gixer:P

Obviously a shortage of Blue n white ones;):smiley:

Wicked to see!! Let me know how you get on with her. Great bike!!!

Happy riding!

LOL. The missus was doing my head in with the camera!

Does nobody actually pick them up from the showroom anymore or are me and MartinM a dying breed

Looks nice BTW :smiley:

Maybe if you bid 'em down you have to collect it yourself :P;)

I could have had mine delivered but half the fun is walking out the showroom with a big smile :smiley:

I rode out of the showroom with a HUGE smile. I collected too. Delivery was never offered.

Mind you, the ride home helped me get those first 600 miles on.

It would of been nice to go to the showroom if I had time.! Free delivery, what more can I say!!

Got the tail tidy on. I was brave with the wiring and got lucky. I had an led from the alarm system that I have just tucked away. Hope it didn’t do anything important. Got the stickers off as well.

Now I’m going riding!

She sure does look pretty :cool:

Hope you enjoy and I think a vist to B is in order once everything has settled.

enjoy and welcome to the club,best mod is change the rear to a 190/55 profile tyre, turns in better and keeps a line

Nice (in that Jazzman - Fast Show voice). Love the twin Arrow exhausts. I bet it sounds good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers people. Just trying to get it run in now.

Oh look anuver black gixxer, makes a change.:smiley: