IT Analyst 2nd/3rd line

posting this in here see if anyone is interested or knows anyone who might be. Paying upto £28k Per Year (but flexible for the right person).

If you’re interested PM me your details.

• On-site client support visits as and when required.
• Technical support by telephone, remote and email.
• Cover for scheduled callouts to clients as and when required.
• On-site hardware and software maintenance and health checks.
• Emergency break fix visit to clients including server and networking issues.
• Diagnose and troubleshoot both hardware and software issues.
• Project management and implementation.
• Providing advice on emerging technologies to clients.

A successful candidate will have the following qualities:
• Excellent client interaction with confident spoken and written language.
• Logical approach to troubleshooting.
• Able to prioritise tasks.
• Excellent time management (awareness of time constraints and deadlines).
• Ability to research and learn new technologies/solutions under pressure.
• Strong team player, willing to share knowledge.

We are looking for an experienced support engineer within a similar role (with minimum of 12 months of relevant experience obtained in the UK) previous experience in a managed services role is beneficial but not essential.

Below is a list of technologies you will be familiar with (as many as possible).

• Windows Server 2008,2012
• SBS 2008,2011
• Active Directory
• Windows XP, Vista and 7 and 8 (extensive experience)
• Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 , 2013
• Microsoft Office 365
• Networking - TCP/IP including strong understanding of switches, subnets, etc.
• Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
• Group Policy Management
• Symantec BackupExec
• Cisco routers and firewalls
• RDP and Terminal Services
• VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments (desirable)

We are Microsoft Partner and candidates with any current Microsoft qualifications certainly stand out from the crowd. These are the most desirable qualifications:

• MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7
• MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7
• MCITP: Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008
• MCITP: Enterprise Administrator on Windows Server 2008
• MCITP: Server Administrator on Windows Server 2012
• MCTIP: Administering office 365

Is that £28k per month? :smiley:

lol if it was I’d be applying!

I just sent then link to my son

Should I be upgrading my abacus?

@NT - lol nah keep it mate, they are reliable

Really 28k? With this skill/experience set ? :smiley:


Or maybe not “lol” where is it?


If it’s London it must be a part time job. One day a week.

We are in between angel and old street…

Lol we have had loads of CV’s come in. I’ve put 2nd/3rd line but it is more a 2nd line position too be fair so wage is as I would expect it to be.

Well for trainee or starting here foreigner, yes the wage is accurate.
But well, World is changing, and maybe I’m wrong… maybe I just want to much and value to much my experience and work :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re after someone with a year or two’s experience not someone who has been in the trade for a decade or more…

Looks like the salaries in the industry continue to dive in… This would be a 35k job back in 2006. I don’t know who fills this type of roles as we pay more to the 1st line, but as long as you can get away with it - it’s demand and supply. Certainly not a living wage in London if you want a family and mortgage…

In house will always pay more I know that been there done that. but the experience you get with outsourced IT is second to none…

And you are right, back in 2006 it was still relatively hard to get good people, then the recession hit and you had high end techs who needed to pay their bills and were taking jobs at half their salary…

as per my comment above though it is more 2nd line than 3rd line, but the experience you will get here will outweigh an in house position…

Me personally I’ve never been in my job for the money, I love doing what I do for me money has always been second to job satisfaction.

“Me personally I’ve never been in my job for the money, I love doing what I do for me money has always been second to job satisfaction”- That’s a nice sentiment if you can afford it…

It seems the same in a lot of sectors now, supply outstrips demand and the wages take a dive, I got buddy’s out in the Middle East on 180-200 a day, 10 years ago it was a 500 a day rate easily and there was the sunbathing too : )

That salary does seem quite low for such a broad skill set. Especially if your company is after 10 years experience. I was earning morning than that in 2000 when I left I.T. I probably have half the skills listed,and would be interested, depending on the environment.

10 years’ experience? He’s only asking for one!

This is a job ad for the guy that’s spent a year in his first IT job and wont get promoted internally - those are the people you appeal to with things like “but this is great for the experience”. I don’t think £28K’s necessarily bad for what that job almost certainly is, but I’m probably basing my guess as to what the job is in a large part on the pay.

Oops, looks like I misread “12 months” for “10 years”. What a twit. Think I’ll touch base with The Sleeper tomorrow about this. I say “tomorrow” because I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

its not always about the money
My son is going for it & it will give him some much needed experience he needs
& many thanks to Karl for getting my son the interview

It’s going to be a weird situation for you, Wise, either way. If you son gets the job people on the forum will start saying that it was only because Sleeper made it happen. If he doesn’t then you won’t be able to talk to Sleeper anymore because he didn’t hire your son :smiley:

why would we all say that he only got because sleeper made it happen?