Issues regarding a Full System

Hi Guy’s

I got my full system fitted by my dealer on the weekend , they took the catalyst converter off and also took the battle out , it sound’s amazing but I was speaking to a mate and he said this:

"I bought a copy of RIDE yesterday, which was referring to
the issues that I was mentioning to you on Friday. Apparently, with a
race pipe, or a legal aftermarket can with the baffles removed the
engine can burn lean as it throws out the petrol to air ratio mix…
This can burn out the valves. Installing a Power Commander appears, if
the bike is fuel injected, is one way of dealing with this. If not, and
the bike has carbs, then a Dynoejet kit,

A power commander and a rejet should prevent this I hope?

On an injected bike, if you fit a full system, you’re most likely going to need some remapping.Whether that is done with a power commander or not is your choice, but dyno time is probably a must.
For carbed bikes, again dyno time is useful (although I’ve never put a bike on a dyno) but you can usually get a good mixture by indulging in a spot of rejetting / needle shimming (although this really isn’t for novice spanner-ers :wink: ) and then check it with a plug chop.


You’ve got it spot on there! A run on the dyno plus a rejet (carbs) or remap (fuel inj) to set it up right is the way forward. A Power Commander (made by Dynojet for FI bikes) or a Dynojet Kit (new jets etc) will enable this. It’s not cheep, but it’s worth it.

PS. Dynojet also make most of the dynos :smiley:

Good luck!

cheers for the advice guys , the only thing I seem to be having a problem with is finding a power commander for my Yamaha XJ6 on a 58 Registration.

Try calling PDQ … they import DynoJet kit …