Issue with indicators

Looking for advice to help with the following issue.

Haven’t been out on the bike in 4 days or so. Fired it up, did usual pre-ride checks. Noticed indicators not working - all of them. Indicator lights on dash not flashing either. Can’t be a broken bulb as they’re all LED (and have been on the back for a while - not a new install).

However, using the alarm to lock/unlock the bike still flashes them (dash lights and indicators).

Can’t think of anything that’s happened to it whilst it’s not been ridden - and they were definitely working when I took it out last week! All other electrical systems on the bike working without issues.

check fuse
play with the switch aggressively

A multimeter is your best friend here. As above check the fuses, check the switches, check for 12v at the LED holders and work your back.

Happened to mine recently was the relay

I’d imagine the relay isn’t used to make them flash for the alarm, I agree you should check that first. 

What bike is it I have a spare relay for Yamaha LEDs

Thanks all. I’ll do some checking on that then! It’s a ZX9R

So I’ve checked the relay, and it seems fine. Also swapped in a friend’s one, but to no avail - indicators still not coming on.

Will try to check the fuses next, though if they’re flashing when the alarm is activated/deactivated, surely it’s not the fuze? 

Do your hazards work?

Don’t have hazards (bike is too old for that!)

Was wondering if it was your switch

Turned out to be the fuse! Swapped it out, and now all good.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and help :slight_smile: